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Company description

ECS Srl is an Italian company, located in the North of Italy. We are a leading manufacturer of a complete range of products for sterilization control, including : packaging materials (pouches, reels, creped paper, SMS, TNT – non woven) and systems for the control of sterilization process (chemical indicators, biological controls and tapes). Our company was born in the ‘80s and our efforts have always been directed towards an ongoing improvement with a special attention to the quality standards for both the products and the production processes, always committing to meet all the requests of our partners. The new factory, inaugurated in 2011, is characterized by a low environmental impact, completely new machinery and equipment of last generation. Thanks to the advanced automation adopted, while ensuring the high quality standard, is able to offer to its customers a complete line of products at highly competitive prices. In our factory each batch produced is regularly tested by the specialized lab inside the company.


Via 1 Maggio, 18/22
23881 Airuno (LC)
Phone: 0039-0341-681602
Fax: 0039-0341-605485


Exhibitions attended

hall: 12 - stand: 12A23

ECS SRL's Products

ECS SRL | Sterilization flat reels
Sterilization flat reels made with high quality “medical grade” paper and transparent film in order to grant the prompt identification of the content. Suitable for steam and EO sterilization, complies to ISO 11140 and international standards. Our production range also includes gussetted reels, flat/gussetted and self-sealing pouches and Tyvek reels and pouches. MADE IN ITALY.
ECS SRL | Sterilization control
Sterilization control: disposable Bowie & Dick test is suitable for the control of steam penetration and air removal from autoclaves during steam sterilization. External chemical indicator permits the prompt identification of processed packs. Our production range also includes chemical and biological indicators for steam, EO and H2O2 sterilization process, TNT, SMS, crepe paper, tapes and many other articles.
ECS SRL | Sterilization control
Sterilization control : integrator for steam sterilization control which evaluate the effectiveness of the process and exposure to sterilization parameters (time – temperature – saturated steam concentration) to fulfill steam sterilization cycle at 121C and 134C. Completely laminated. Class 5.

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